About Me

My complete resume can be found at this LINK. Here is a synopsis of my coding journey.

I spent the first 25 years of my career selling traditional ink-on-paper web and sheet-fed printing.

In the early 2000’s digital printing made high-quality, short-run, on-demand, personalized printing attainable for the masses. This paradigm shift forced many commercial printers to contract so I needed to reinvent myself.

In 2008 I was fortunate enough to change industries and started selling physician recruitment advertising for a healthcare publishing company. It was there that I got in on the ground floor of the on-line niche job board revolution.

I assumed responsibility for our fledging job board called MedOpportunities. In order move the business forward I started wearing many hats including oversite of the entire tech stack. It was here that was forced to learn HTML in order to update the site’s look and feel. I also learned how to hand code HTML e-Newsletters in order to market the job board to both doctors and recruiters at hospitals.

I survived multiple acquisitions and ended up with a 13 year run in the healthcare sector with essentially the same company.

When COVID-19 hit my need to code intensified in order to help our business endure one the worst economies of my lifetime. Both healthcare and recruiting were hit especially hard so I needed to increase our e-Newsletter production in order to reach more doctors and advertisers, and generate more candidate leads through conversions on landing pages.

It was at this point in time I discovered that of all the hats I was wearing, coding and getting my hands dirty in the tech stack is what I enjoyed doing the most (it wasn’t even close).