About This Site

This site is where I showcase my latest work for clients, and where you can see new website functionality and applications I am developing.

Julianknight.dev is currently built on the following foundations:


I use the open source .org version ( aka “the real WordPress”) and host it myself.


Custom Theme

I develop all my own themes. I’m currently using Underscores by Automattic as my starting point. It comes with the bare essentials needed to run a WordPress site and minimal HTML/CSS.


CSS Framework

w3.CSS is a mobile first, responsive CSS framework that’s cross-browser compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Safari, and Opera. I’m learning Bootstrap but, in the interim, get many of the same results with w3.CSS which is smaller, faster and does not require pre-processing.



The majority of plug-ins on this website I either wrote myself or I modified existing ones. I use Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) the most because it offers tremendous functionality but still requires coding in order to make fields appear so I maintain complete control.

Advanced Custom Fields