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Dorothy Braudy is an artist born in Los Angeles and raised in Kentucky. A graduate of the University of Kentucky, she received an M.F.A. from New York University and taught for many years at Pratt Institute, the University of Maryland, and Goucher College. Her work, which includes painting, photography, and printmaking, has been shown in New York, Washington, Baltimore, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, and is included in many private and public collections.

Dorothy’s original website was created in 2012. I was pleased and exited to bring the site forward with both a redesign and rebuild. The key goals accomplished included making the site mobile optimized, faster, easier to navigate, and displaying the the artist’s work prominently using pop-out lightboxes. To achieve the goals I created a custom WordPress custom theme and added all the new features using minimal plug-ins.

Before original full screen
    • Was not mobile optimized.
    • Thumbnails plus full sized images of artwork were slow to load.
    • Difficult to navigate through galleries and individual artwork.


Dorothy Braudy After Web Site
    • Rebuilt as a mobile-first/mobile optimized website.
    • Added carousels to display images – easier to navigate and loaded artwork faster.
    • Added pop-out lightboxes so users can zoom-in to view full images.
Dorothy Braudy After Web Site
Dorothy Braudy After Web Site